Monday, February 9, 2009

Do you have what it takes?

Time, experience, effort, commitment, consistency, persistence, money and skill. Do you?

Most of the learning consists of being able to tell the difference between high and low probability situations.
Someone said:
Once I stopped viewing trading as speculation, my trading improved. Once I realized that I was not going to get rich quick, that trading was not easy money, my trading improved. Once I realized that almost no businesses are successful overnight, my trading improved. Once I realized that I had to make an investment in the business, both in terms of my own education and in equipment and working capital, my trading improved.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hard Work...

People think this market is easy! Real gains give you a punch in the stomache before you can achieve this great montain!
You have to push yourself to give your best in order to improve every day.
Within a certain time it will be somekind easier,but only because you have done that a million times before and studied hard.
Many people are and will never be ready to play this game for real, because you have to be able to lose big money, but some will have the experience and courage. Accomodation of losses demands that you have to be strong mentally.

Train, train, train and then,, have i said train? With time things will get every time better.

FACT: If 100 people were to start trading for the first time today, only 20 of them would still be trading after one year. After five years, there would only be five!
WHY?: Because the single most difficult decision a trader must make is when to pull the trigger - and most traders simply do not have the experience, or the nerve, to get more it right more often than not.

If you, like me, have standard reactions like everyone else, then in regular market conditions , our experience and and ability to think with common sense will destroy the best approach. Unfortunately, because the way the market is arranged, each time you join the crowd, you will definitively loose.

Losing is not your enemy. It is the foundation of your sucess.
Traders win because they are sucessfull. Winning is the floor that blooms after the long, sucessfull journey of growth has been made. Winning rarely, if ever, occurs during this journey, and it cannot certainly occur before the journey.

All the best for this difficult month of February for trading,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I don´t wanna have to wear glasses!

New Personal Liquidity Record:
Before a race in Southwell had started there was 223,500€ matched. Quite a lot and very interesting to make trades.

Anyway i found that i need a bigge monitor than the one i use with the laptop. I am aiming to buy a in July when my summer vacations come. It will be important to become more efective in trading.

Since i wanna try the 1000 euros - 100.000 in 2010 i should be preparing so i can really achieve this objective.

All the best,

Let´s hope better weather comes in the next days.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Horses don´t race with snow

And there isn´t any liquidity in greyhounds.

See you tomorrow with more snow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where Theory meets Practice

Hello Everyone, Exciting Day

I´ve been trying to learn more about sport betting markets but it is quite difficult if you don´t use the software in order to know what might be important to analyse.

So, while i am still waiting to my new bank account, i am using free betdak betangel software to get used to the program at to be able to use it right away in the day i get the activation code.

It is not a secret that this phase is always exciting, once you see that this game might be viable to gain money.

Let´s hope that in 2 months i can say the same and continue this adventure.

All the best,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get a life - Do you know why you trade?

The fact is that trading has to be about one thing - making a profit.

For some traders it is an escape.
They hate the world around them, their boss, their job, everything.

Live a balanced life. Meet people, get out.
You won´t start making money from one day to another.
There is a big learning curve.
So to avoid mistakes made by pressure, have also other cool stuff to do.

Believe me, it works because all your hapiness will not be dependent on your results. You will not quick so quickly. And long term learning is really the key.
You will not get a depression because of a bad day, and you will want to achieve long term learning and profiting.
If not, you will operate from emotion, instead of cold mechanical thinking that´s the hallmark of a good trader.
"The most important factor is not the set of rules of use, but your discipline."

So, getting a life with other cool stuff will help you getting better at trading.


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The profit of not commiting mistakes. Solid Fundations

Hi traders,

Today was the day where i started sorting a lot of things to prepare to trade in bet angel.
It is very important for you to open a bank account specifically for betfair, so if you lose all your money, it only from the betfair money.
If you choose to allocate that account to a paypal account you do not to pay comissions fees.
Another internet connection is extremely important.
2 internet connections if you don´t wanna fait because of internet connection problems. :)
If you are backing and laying with minutes left, you don´t have time to wait until net is again available.
I had a portable internet connection which i was not using and since i have 100 mbgs each month if my usual internet connection goes down, i will have already the other net ready.
Don´t forget this money and stress saving advice.
And finally, buy a good mice, you are going to use it a lot. My latest buy was this beauty: Microsoft Wireless Notebook 3000.

Wish everyone good trades,

As anyone had problems and lost money because of internet connections failed?
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